Saturday, February 21, 2009

FOUND: Halloween Photo

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. After every Halloween, I immediately start planning costumes for the next one. Well, this past Halloween was a series of unfortunate events. It began with the onset of the flu. Despite the illness, I carried on.....spending 2 hours to prepare for my most elaborate Halloween costume to-date--Smurfette. 2 hours of smearing blue body paint ALL OVER myself. I finally made it to the party only to continue to feel more sick. With no camera of my own to capture all of the wonderful costumes and festivities, I relied on others' photos to be MySpaced and Facebooked to me in the coming days. But then I passed out in my friend's guest bedroom in the middle of the party and was later informed that my friend (who had been taking all of the photos that night) had mistakenly erased her entire memory card.

So then I was left sick, sad, and without any proof that I was indeed once Smurfette.

UNTIL NOW......when perusing through my computer files, I realized that I had captured a few shots of myself on my webcam before leaving my house.

This may not make your day, but it sure made mine!

Friday, February 13, 2009

When BAD things happen to talented celebrities......

Now I normally don't follow celebrity gossip, but somehow I stumbled upon this interview between Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman:

Which immediately led me to want to know more about what the hell is up with Joaquin. Which then led me to this article and these videos:

"Watch Joaquin's Hip-Hop Trip"

And now I am sitting here literally dumbfounded. I'm not sure what just happened. True, I don't "pal around" with Joaquin Phoenix. I have no right to judge him. But really quickly, I AM going to judge

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I LOVE Lists

For some reason, I have always been a fan of lists. Perhaps because I am visual person and enjoy seeing things laid out. Perhaps because it helps me bring some much needed organization into my life. It is actually the one and only way I am good at organizing. God knows one look in my bedroom, car, or office and you'll understand. Regardless, I have decided that lists are awesome because they are quick, easy to read, and are a row by row account of interesting and important details.

So here's a list I made right now to share with you:

TOP 10 SKILLS I WISH I HAD (in no particular order):

1. I wish I knew how to sew. Like I could go shop for those dorky patterns and make myself my own little costume or dress. Or hem pants, because they are never the right length for a short girl like me.

2. I wish I knew how to use a bow and arrow. I can think of so many times when it would be hilarious to bust it out.

3. I wish I could speak another language fluently. I've always wanted to be able to have secret conversations with other people who knew another language so we could say whatever we wanted and nobody else would have a clue.

4. I wish I could do a backflip. Anytime, anywhere, onto or off of anything.

5. I wish I REALLY knew how to do laundry....without having to look at the instructions inside the washer lid everytime.

6. I have always wanted to be able to play the guitar. Now an air guitar, I got on lockdown. A real guitar though.....that's a whole other ball game.

7. I wish I could lie well. I know that this is not necessarily the most virtuous skill, but it would really come in handy sometimes.

8. I wish I knew how to create and keep and budget, knew anything about investments, knew anything about finances.

9. I honestly would like to be able to say that I have mad breakdancing skills.

10. I'm not sure exactly what you call this skill---but it consists of being able to use a bit more censorship in what I say and to whom. Sometimes I have word vomit and it causes a mean hangover.

Monday, February 9, 2009

9 Hours of Solitude

On Saturday, I decided to participate in a marathon viewing of "Dexter". This should come as no surprise to you if you read my previous post.

Well, after watching 9 consecutive hours of Dexter and his search for normalcy, human experience, and really caused me to deeply reflect on some of these issues myself.

Strange to consider that Dexter is showing me much more insight than I ever thought possible. I suppose it's because as an outsider, he notices the all the small things that make people truly human. He has spent most of his life studying the nuances and "ways" of people in order to wear a more convincingly human mask. And so he is on a constantly confusing and curious path to understand himself and others around him.

But it does help you look at your life from a fresh perspective. And that is what 9 hours of solitude on Saturday gave to me.

(Although it did also make me a bit socially strange as well. I mean after a full day of serial killers and the search for "humanness", I felt overwhelmed and awkward.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obsessive Personality Disorder

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to approach my interests in an obsessive manner. Once I'm into something, I'm waist deep in it to win it. I am completely unable to
"savor" anything over extended amounts of time. So it's like this: It all started with "Lost". I got so into it that I watched all 2 seasons in a matter of weeks so that I could be caught up for season 3 last year. Then, last fall, I heard about the "Thrill the World" event (which you can read about in previous blogs) and it was like Thriller, Thriller, Thriller---all the time, everywhere. Zombies, brains, more brains, etc. Then someone introduced me to the Twilight series, which I read in a matter of 2 weeks.....totally into vampires forever. I'm wrapping up the 7th book of the Sookie Stackhouse series and have already watched the entire first season of its TV adaptation called "True Blood". Keep in mind that this means I have read 3 Twilight books, 6 Sookie Stackhouse books and watched 12 episodes of "True Blood" since December. I knew that I would soon run out of vampire thrills, so naturally, it felt like time to move onto something new. I decided to check out a show called "Dexter". And now, I'm officially hooked. Hook, line, sinker. I watched 5 episodes the other night.

It's just like when you REALLY like music and that same damn CD stays in your player for weeks.

I wish that I was able to slow down. Take it easy. Enjoy little morsels over time. I'm afraid that will never be the case though.

And now I notice that my obsessions (interests) are becoming darker in nature.....which worries me. Zombies, vampires, and serial killers. I mean, seriously, what's next? I feel like I need to start at the opposite end of the spectrum. Watch out unicorns.....I'm coming for you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Her Morning Elegance"

A truly fantastic piece of work:

This is what I imagine my dream-life to resemble one day.