Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obsessive Personality Disorder

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to approach my interests in an obsessive manner. Once I'm into something, I'm waist deep in it to win it. I am completely unable to
"savor" anything over extended amounts of time. So it's like this: It all started with "Lost". I got so into it that I watched all 2 seasons in a matter of weeks so that I could be caught up for season 3 last year. Then, last fall, I heard about the "Thrill the World" event (which you can read about in previous blogs) and it was like Thriller, Thriller, Thriller---all the time, everywhere. Zombies, brains, more brains, etc. Then someone introduced me to the Twilight series, which I read in a matter of 2 weeks.....totally into vampires forever. I'm wrapping up the 7th book of the Sookie Stackhouse series and have already watched the entire first season of its TV adaptation called "True Blood". Keep in mind that this means I have read 3 Twilight books, 6 Sookie Stackhouse books and watched 12 episodes of "True Blood" since December. I knew that I would soon run out of vampire thrills, so naturally, it felt like time to move onto something new. I decided to check out a show called "Dexter". And now, I'm officially hooked. Hook, line, sinker. I watched 5 episodes the other night.

It's just like when you REALLY like music and that same damn CD stays in your player for weeks.

I wish that I was able to slow down. Take it easy. Enjoy little morsels over time. I'm afraid that will never be the case though.

And now I notice that my obsessions (interests) are becoming darker in nature.....which worries me. Zombies, vampires, and serial killers. I mean, seriously, what's next? I feel like I need to start at the opposite end of the spectrum. Watch out unicorns.....I'm coming for you.

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