Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I LOVE Lists

For some reason, I have always been a fan of lists. Perhaps because I am visual person and enjoy seeing things laid out. Perhaps because it helps me bring some much needed organization into my life. It is actually the one and only way I am good at organizing. God knows one look in my bedroom, car, or office and you'll understand. Regardless, I have decided that lists are awesome because they are quick, easy to read, and are a row by row account of interesting and important details.

So here's a list I made right now to share with you:

TOP 10 SKILLS I WISH I HAD (in no particular order):

1. I wish I knew how to sew. Like I could go shop for those dorky patterns and make myself my own little costume or dress. Or hem pants, because they are never the right length for a short girl like me.

2. I wish I knew how to use a bow and arrow. I can think of so many times when it would be hilarious to bust it out.

3. I wish I could speak another language fluently. I've always wanted to be able to have secret conversations with other people who knew another language so we could say whatever we wanted and nobody else would have a clue.

4. I wish I could do a backflip. Anytime, anywhere, onto or off of anything.

5. I wish I REALLY knew how to do laundry....without having to look at the instructions inside the washer lid everytime.

6. I have always wanted to be able to play the guitar. Now an air guitar, I got on lockdown. A real guitar though.....that's a whole other ball game.

7. I wish I could lie well. I know that this is not necessarily the most virtuous skill, but it would really come in handy sometimes.

8. I wish I knew how to create and keep and budget, knew anything about investments, knew anything about finances.

9. I honestly would like to be able to say that I have mad breakdancing skills.

10. I'm not sure exactly what you call this skill---but it consists of being able to use a bit more censorship in what I say and to whom. Sometimes I have word vomit and it causes a mean hangover.

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