The OkCupid Challenge

From the beginning.....

Throughout April and May I will be hosting "The OkCupid Challenge", a special competition that encourages my friends to to help me find dates online. I've decided that I need creative ways of asking for help in finding me a boyfriend because YES, I AM THAT LONELY. And also, that's what friends are for.

Here's the skinny:

  • Every two weeks, a new friend will redo my OkCupid profile to their liking, with the hopes that the profile they build gets me a high number of responses and (fingers crossed) in-person dates. 
  • The creator of the profile that receives the highest number of responses will receive a free dinner to any place of their choosing.
  • Any creator of any profile that lands me in person dates will receive special prizes to be announced.
  • Lies and misleading information about me (or what I look like) is not allowed.

The challenge starts tomorrow! And I already have a full schedule through the end of May. :)

I've decided to use my blog to chronicle as much of this experience as possible. I've created a separate tab for this challenge that you can check out as you like. 

I will share highlights from each competitors' choice in profile, the down-low on responses I receive, and any dates that I go on.

Let the games begin! 

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