Saturday, October 11, 2008

You Can Always Count On Karaoke....

Things you can always count karaoke to do:

1.) Makes you feel embarassed for that guy who chose a song he doesn't even know the words to and yet insists on singing. Oh yeah, and the song is like 6 minutes long.

2.) Helps you make friends with other karaoke goers, knowing that you are growing a strong army for the future. And takes a load off of your other friends who are "not into that". That being karaoke, the funnest thing to do ever. And now you don't have to call them and try to convince them to come anymore because you have a posse.

3.) Reminds you of old forgotten favorites as you belt along to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or "I've Had the Time of My Life".

4.) Starts a dance party. Now exactly what kind of dancing is going on is a little confusing. But it's a beautiful mixture of swaying, thrashing, humping, and 2-stepping all at once.

5.) Causes alot of people to drink. Alot. And the performers and songs get better. Or is it that the beer and whisky just get better?

6.) Makes it perfectly acceptable for you to sing loudly in other peoples' faces. Some you know, many whom you do not. And personally, singing loudly in peoples' faces makes me happy. Takes a load off.

7.) Um, then you lose your voice.

And when all of these things happen (because you know you can count on them happening) you know, you know my friends......

That karaoke is perhaps one of the best entertainment activities ever created.


And you can always count on the next blog post which will feature highlights from my psychic counseling session I am attending this afternoon. Ooooooo, aren't you just dying to know???? I am....

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