Friday, October 24, 2008

This is Where You Are Going to Be Saturday.....

"Thrill the World"
Oct. 25th @ 1pm
The Long Center for Performing Arts
Austin, TX

Tomorrow, join me and oh.....about 300-500 other people who will replace their usual personalities and attire for zombie ones for a special attempt to break some world records.

We will all be performing MJ's "Thriller" on the terrace steps of the Long Center because, well, we are badass.

And you can be too if you come and witness this monumental event.

I would suggest arriving by 12:30 because parking might be a biatch and you don't want to miss the show at all!

Join us afterwards at Baby A's for lunch!

OH OH....there are also two more dance classes this evening if you are cool enough to join us. We need all the brain eaters we can get! Go here for info:



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