Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well today was the big day. "Thrill the World" has officially replaced Air Guitar Competition as my favorite fun time EVER.

So I can now excitedly announce that the most badass thing I have ever done is perform "Thriller" with 880 other zombies at one time, including a breast feeding zombie who may have scarred me for life. (I mean, my zombie life.) I'm pretty sure we broke the world record. We'll know tomorrow.

And speaking of exciting news, we will be marching and performing in the Dia de Los Muertos parade down South Congress and Downtown next Saturday (Nov. 1) from 6-7pm. I believe. I'll give you more details on that as soon as I can confirm.

I am so glad that a handful of my friends joined me in this monumental moment. And to all my undead friends, thank you for allowing me to ramble constantly about this event in my life. Sometimes I get a little out of control with it all, I know, but honestly.....BRAINS is just about the most entertaining word to me right now.

Check back for video and photos!

And I definitely just finished removing leaves and dirt from my hair. I was hell bent on looking like really just rolled out of the grave.

I'd like to leave you with some clever zombie jokes we made up this morning at 10am while waiting for others to arrive:

"Is your dad a theif, cause brains."

"Knock. Knock."
"Who's there?"

"Is that a brain in your pants, or are you just excited to see me?"

Me take nap now.

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