Sunday, August 22, 2010

What You Can Expect from My Blog This Year

Hello everyone,

I've decided to blog again....for real! Not only that, but I just spent an hour reorganizing the layout of my blog. Some things to note are the awesome new template (ooohhh.....ahhh....) and the "Topics for Discussion".

Okay, so here's what I decided to do--categorize my shit to make it easier and more fun for BOTH of us. I will be posting stuff on the regs in these areas. Read below for descriptions:

That's Gross: You guessed it....these posts are about nasty, gross, unsightly things. You know, the kind of stuff you guys are always making fun of me for talking about so much

Travels: I know I don't do a whole lot of traveling, but this year I plan to change my sedentary ways.

Monica Reviews Stuff: Books, Movies, Music, Restaraunts. I think my opinion matters!

Alter Egos: I have many. Get to know them.

Lessons Learned: ALOT. I have learned alot.

I Love Lists: OMG, I can't wait to share my lists with you all!

Adventure Club: Fun things I do to keep my life exciting, curious, and adventurous.

Baby Animals: Who doesn't like baby animals? Look forward to some of the cutest damn babies you've ever seen! It's gonna rain baby animals on my blog. :)

Geeking Out: Everyone knows I'm a dork....this is where you get to experience some of my nerdiest moments.

Heart and Soul: Did you know I write poetry? Well, I do. And this is the place where you can find that....and other heartfelt sentiments. I know I like to act funny most of the time, but there really is some serious shit going on in my mind.

Random Ramblings: You got it.....random.

I am so excited to be excited about this blog again! Please check it on the daily. :)

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