Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's Adventures

#5: Eyre Square

The square is the pinnacle of City Centre, the center area in Galway. Around the square area is where you will find tourist information, bus stops, the train station, pubs, clubs and shops. We take the bus to the square on a daily basis in order to get to most areas of interest. Also included at the square is this public restroom where you must pay to get in, and a statue of a man whom I have no idea of what importance he holds.....obviously some if there's a statue erected in honor of him in the center of Galway. But in my defense, there is no placard or description next to the statue so I could not educate myself on this matter.

#6: Galway Cathedral

While I did not go inside this church, I did feel compelled to take a picture of its beauty at night. I mean what constitutes a "visit"? Sometimes I visit places for only a few minutes. This happened to be one of those I came across on my way somewhere else. The cathedral in the early 1920s, but it does not rival St. Nicholas's Collegiate Church, which is the largest medieval parish church in Ireland still in use. And it's in Galway, so I plan to visit this place later this week....

#7: The Concourse @ Univeristy of Ireland, Galway

I tagged along with Meghan as she made her way to class at the university she attends. This is where I waited for her with a hot chocolate and the Vampire Chronicles in hand. Inside, is a cafe and a large seating area, where many students congregate. It made me realize just how long its been since I enjoyed the camaraderie of college peers. Ignorant and annoying, yes......but still so full of energy and enthusiasm.

#8: Public Restroom

This was my first journey into a public bathroom. Yes, I swear....the first time. Can you believe it? Anyway, it was rather confusing because I didn't know what their signage for restrooms looked like because there were all these signs of stick figures doing things, so after finally asking someone I was shown the way. And there you have it. Big blue door with a little lady on it.

#9: Centra

This is a common Irish convenience store where I stepped in to purchase a small bottle of wine. Nothing really interesting worth noting, other than cigarettes cost 7 euro which is like $9. I would totally stop smoking if I lived here.

#10: Bar 903

Determined to experience Galway nightlife, we ventured out to a local bar called Bar 903 in Eyre Square. It was one of the few clubs with FREE admission and it was swing night, so it was our top choice all around. Well, we definitely were not disappointed with the entertainment, both from the band and from the crowd. For this visit, I will be posting an extra blog very soon which include two very special videos featuring some of our favorite patrons from Bar 903. Also, here's a picture of me enjoying my 7 euro mixed drink (which is like $9). Yeah, I will not be buying any more drinks at the bar while I'm here. I'm so serious.

At this point I'm already at #10 (not 10 drinks, 10 sights...) and I know some of you may be thinking...."Hey where are all the pictures of green rolling hills, castles, cliffs, and magical landscapes?" I've been thinking the same thing, friends. To remedy this, tomorrow we take a day tour to Connemara where I will FINALLY get to visit a freakin' castle, along with many many other "breathtaking" sights. Oooohhh...betcha can't wait!!!

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