Sunday, November 23, 2008

#1: Tourist Agency

Our first stop of the morning was at a local tourist
travel agency, where we met a lovely lady named
Christina who told us about all the cool and hip
places in Ireland to hang out. She also confessed her love of country music and the irony of a girl from Texas hating it. She encouraged heavy drinking and confessed that she had been up late the night before (most likely doing that). She gave us some helpful pamphlets on some Ireland day tours. We even went back to see her, but she refused to take a picture with us because she thought she looked gross. I will be back to see her on Tuesday to take her a nice little gift and perhaps to see if she would like to hang out with two awesome American girls. Am I moving too fast?

#2: The Home Plate Cafe

We ate my birthday lunch at this quaint little cafe on Shop Street in Galway. I was craving a burger, but when I asked if they had mustard instead of mayonnaise, the waitress looked at me all I had pasta instead.

#3: TESCO & Penney's

Next we moved on to shopping for groceries, some winter accessories, and a hair dryer at a strip mall on the bus route back to Meghan's. We bought stuff. It was nice. Except they make you pay for grocery bags....even plastic ones.

#4: Headford Rd.

Okay, so on the way "home", our bus's last stop ended up being like a mile from Meghan's house. She didn't realize that they didn't drop off at her stop on Sundays. So we ended up walking back to her house in the rain. Our groceries bags broke open. It was unfortunate really, but we are survivors. And therefore, ended up visiting the Headford Rd for about a 15 minute walk.

It was a great first day out. And definitely an exceptional birthday in Ireland. Who knows what tomorrow brings.....hopefully more laughs and scenic routes.

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Meredith said...


I'm celebrating my gorging on snickers ice cream bars and thinking about how much this week is going to suck without you.