Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hate cleaning....

Of every chore I must do in life, cleaning is my least favorite.

Cleaning the tub,
Cleaning the sink,
Cleaning the toilet,
Cleaning the car,
Cleaning the ceiling fan,
Cleaning the floor,
Cleaning the dresser,
Cleaning up my clothes,
Cleaning clothes....also known as worst enemy. I did two loads today and still have 8 more to go. Eight!

On a side note, I rather enjoy vacuuming, but I live in a house with wood floors, sooo.....

I would gladly pay someone for these services if I could afford it. Anyone who thinks that I am capable of doing these things well and on a regular basis is sadly mistaken. I have absolutely no desire to accomplish any of these chores on any given day.

I'm looking around thinking about how I promised myself I would do these things on Sunday. I even recruited a friend to help me and I'm STILL not motivated. Uhhhhhhhh......

One day, I know that I will find a man who will do all the chores around the house and I'll come home from work, dinner will be ready and waiting for me and he will be so excited to see me. And then I will wake up and realize, CRAP....that's never gonna happen.

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