Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's Up With THAT?

Here are some general questions I have for you all...things that I just don't get, or that frustrate or entertain me:

What's up with clowns?

What's up with people who ask you if they look ugly or fat?

What's up with mustaches? I mean, what kind of nasty crap would you find in one?

What's up with people who are chipper at the butt crack of dawn? Don't they know how annoying they are?

What's up with exercise? For losers.

What's up with hunting dove?

What's up with people who think they are super badass because of the car they drive? I'm sorry but unless you drive that huge tank of a truck because you haul stuff all day, then you are simply wasting space and money. Oh....and you're dumb.

What's up with covers at 21 and up bars? Don't I get a break now that I am 27?

What's up with running into the guy you lost your virginity to at YOUR freaking bar??? Leave now.

What's up with romance novels brainwashing my mind?? I mean, I'm totally into....but most likely because I am addicted.

You all have any unanswered questions you'd like to poster. Please.....let's talk about these issues.

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