Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music Gems

I have chosen to spotlight some songs I think you should all add to your current playlists.

Brazos: "Tell"--An Austin based band who has quickly infiltrated my favorites list.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: "Home"--Heard this song last night at the clurb. Amazeballs.

Dead Man's Bones: "Lose Your Soul"--Um, Ryan Gosling has a band and it's actually really if I need any more reasons to drool over him like a 13 year old teenager.

La Roux: "Quicksand"--I heard she talks trash about Lady Gaga. I smell an awesome theatrical electro-pop fight. Also, I highly encourage you create a "La Roux" Pandora radio station.

Matt and Kim: "Daylight"--They are REALLY nice people in person to boot. I want them to be my friends soooo bad.

YACHT: "Psychic City"--OMG, Travis and I started a band (to be debuted in November) all because of watching this group perform at SXSW.

Jeremy Jay: "Just Dial My Number"

Mumford and Sons: "The Cave"

Sleigh Bells: "Ring Ring"

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