Sunday, August 29, 2010

I used to write for this cool online webzine....

Did you know that I had a brief love affair with an online webzine? Yes, it's true.

For a few months back in 2009, I had a weekly date with the Loco Nunca crew in Austin.

I quit because............why DID I quit? Oh yeah, because they were super disorganized at group meetings and I was really busy at the time and in a hurry to get things accomplished. I hope that if any of them ever happen on this blog post, they will not be offended because honestly, they are all incredibly talented and creative artists and writers and I am thankful that they accepted me into their group.

You'll get hooked into their world of indulgence, angst, and anger here:

And if you'd like to read the few things I ever wrote for Loco Nunca, please check them out below. I wrote under the pen name "Nikki Bonzai". This name came about when my friend and I decided that the best combination to figure out your porn name is your middle name and favorite tree. At least, that formula worked out better for me than any others, so it stuck with me and I was eager to use it in real life... Enough on the pen name, read here:

"Choose Your Own Adult Adventures"

"To You, Who Will Never Read This"

Their website is witty and emotionally charged, full of sass and sex and strong opinions on everything from hangover food to political figureheads.

Here are just a few of my favorite articles:

Say Girl, What's Your Night?
The Girl Crush
A Decade in Douchebags
Pit Stop: A Rundown of Austin's Restrooms

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