Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return of Lost!

If you're a lost fanatic like me, then you have been anxiously awaiting the season 4 premiere since, I don't a year already. As I sat there counting down the minutes until 8pm, I realized, "It has begun." And what I mean, is that whenever "Lost" is in season, I feel like my crazies come out. So I thought I'd start off the season with a tribute to that obsessed side of me.....and moreover, reassure myself that it could be waayyy worse than it is now.

I may be really into "Lost", but at least I haven't:

1.) Charted out the relationship of all of the characters on a poster hanging in my house. Umm, they already have one of them posted on the ABC website.
2.) Started seeking out friendships with people who share the same names as the Oceanic 6. I feel satisfied enough that my dog is named "Jack".
3.) Purchased any "Lost" gear--bedsheets, notebooks, pillow cases, mugs, etc. It reminds me too much of all of my teenage girl friends who had New Kids on the Block sleeping bags and curtains. Ick.
4.) Accidentally shouted out "Jack!" in the middle of special moment with someone. (References to my dog are not counted here.)
5.) Had a "Lost" theme party---although, I'm seriously considering this one.
6.) Denied my addiction to my friends and family. I've actually been incredibly straightforward about it.
5.) Wrote a song which acted as a recap to the first 3 seasons. OKAY, maybe I HAVE done this one....)

I mean, the bottom is line is that this show really is thoughtfully and ingeniously crafted to keep you on your toes at all times. Sure, it's turned a little weird and sci-fi. Sure, if you miss an episode you miss a crapload of information. I stepped out for a cigarette an apparently missed some very vital information in about 3 minutes.

Here's to "Lost". I'm not gonna affection for this show can get a little wacky.

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