Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't Miss Out on a Missed Connection

So those of you who know about Craigslist (and that should be everyone) may or may not be aware of this section called "Missed Connections". Well, it's just a perfect little gem of a place where people send out their messages of hope, love, and wishful thinking to people they have lost touch with or haven't even actually formally met yet.

Anway, shall I turn your attention to some of my favorite postings in Austin that I found this evening?

There's a good mix of everything in these postings--sadness, affection, regret, hope, humor, bitterness, and awkwardness.

I am drawn to the pure honesty that seeps from their words when allowed to post anonymously and secretly. It's a truly touching look into our basic needs to feel connected to others.

Bongo Drum Player
Looking for the man that tied me to the bed

I miss people I've never even met
Kevin who says I'm sorry on 6th

I'm still steeping
In need of a lent roller
You're making a mistake
We kissed, you farted
It's been so long since you've waved to me

You like "gardening" (NOTE: I am still pondering exactly what "gardening" might refer to)
A Eulogy for You
ass hole that stole HALF of my computer desk from my truck

And of course, there is always wishful thinking:

To M from J
to M
I am a deeply flawed man

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Anonymous said...

two of my favorite moments in life were when i received a 'missed connection' and when i used 'missed connection' successfully to find someone. it really does work well, aside from it's pure entertainment value.