Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Twilight" Sucked.

I just finished reading Twilight on my trip to Ireland. The book was super and I couldn't WAIT to watch the movie when I got back to town.

And so I did tonight.

And it sucked so bad. At one point I even contemplated walking out....something I haven't done since I was like 14.

The movie made me the way it feels when your friends do or say something really embarrassing out in public and you feel the immediate urge to pretend like you don't even know them...or know them that well. Yeah, it was like that. Besides the fact that the lead actor is overwhelmingly attractive, there is nothing else that makes this movie bearable. The screen adaptation is absolutely nothing like the book. In fact, I would've been completely lost if I hadn't already read the book and had a clue about author's intended meaning and purpose. The dialogue is awkward. The acting is horrible. The screen shots made me feel like I was watching a a made for TV Lifetime movie.

Perhaps I placed too high of an expectation on a teenage vampire love story. I was really hoping to leave with the same feeling of magic and lust as when I stayed up hours reading the novel. But instead, I just......left.

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Barefoot said...

overWHELMINGLY attractive