Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rock Operas Totally Rock

Here's my next project everyone:

I want to create a horror rock opera using classic horror film characters and plotlines. I want to juxtapose themes of violence and gore with pop melodies of love and sorrow.

Imagine the following scene (close your eyes, it might help):

The curtains open and you see two sets of people, one on stage right and one stage left. They approach each other "West Side Story" style, snapping their fingers and ooh and aahing at each other. Look closely. You'll notice that one group is a gang of everyone's favorite bad guys (Freddie, Chuckie, Leatherhead, etc.) and the other are their victims, bloodied and terrified.

However, they start singing at each other, circling each other, snapping and jumping in the air, doing lunges and turns....you know, awesome dance moves. The entire scene is focused on dance fighting. Like, Michael Jackson's "Bad" or "Beat It". In fact, maybe that's the background music.

The scene ends with the victims collapsing on the ground, while the bad guys are hunched over, predatory.

As the curtains close however, you see something unusual. The bad guys are crying. And you wonder why. (Trust me, you do.)

Well, if you stayed and watched the rest, you would discover the answers....because this is musical is about the relationship between victim and victimizer and the search for meaning and happiness.

So the next step for me is this:

I would like to recruit my creative development team who will help me write this play, compose the music, and stage it live in the Spring/early Summer. I'm just putting it out there. Feel free to express your interest or throw it right back at me. But know this......A Nightmare on Musical Street WILL happen next year. And it will be bloody spectacular.

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